About Dawn & Dusk Coffee Co.

Healthy Choices. Local Flavor. Dawn & Dusk Coffee Co. is a mobile coffee company established in 2018 by a husband and wife team on a mission to create a distinctive cafe menu-made to order and served in open air settings.

After years abroad in the U.S. Air Force, co-owners Amanda and Miles Chapman (husband and wife) settled down in Alexandria where they hoped to bring what they learned about coffee shop culture and alternative health from other countries to the U.S.  After meeting growers, roasters and cafe owners around the world, they knew they wanted to be specialty coffee & direct-trade-focused and structure around a mobile model, offering a full cafe menu in outdoor settings, such as farmers markets.  They also wanted to incorporate what they learned about alternative health in other countries into their menu. 

In January 2018, the owners launched Dawn & Dusk & partnered with a local, specialty coffee roaster -Bryce Roszell of Open Seas Coffee Roasters. Their shared values about direct trade and economic developement led to a dream collaboration & Dawn & Dusk began to grow. They opened in their first neighborhood market with the help of friends in their community. They offered whole bean coffee, freshly roasted & ground to order. They also served weekly roasted coffee, (ground & brewed on-site), rather than offer pre-brewed coffee out of a cambro. Dawn & Dusk Coffee Co. then opened at the Old Town Farmer’s Market in 2019 adding more specialty hot drinks & delighting customers with liege waffles, (also inspired by travels abroad) hot off on an imported Belgium waffle iron and made to order. 

In the Spring of 2019, the owners (literally) rolled out a nitrogen-infused drink line featuring coffee lattes, teas, & matcha produced with locally sourced honey, produce, plant based milks, sweeteners, & superfood powders that boats some of the most powerful levels of antioxidants in the world. So while Dawn & Dusk continues to find clever ways to break the barriers that usually barricades a high quality coffee offering in farmers market settings, such as running extension corders for heating elements and packing in ice & converted refrigerating systems for their cold products, it has also forged its own path of providing truly one-of-a-kind menu that are guaranteed to make some of the healthiest food and beverage choices on earth your new favorite ones.

The Chapman Family with Bryce Roszell, Owner of Open Seas Coffee Roasters

About Our Name

We get asked about our name a lot. No, it isn’t Dusk till Dawn – but we do remind customers if you drink our coffee too late in the evening, you will probably be up that long! Instead, it’s about our partner growers.  When we’re opening shop at the crack of dawn, it’s dusk in much of the coffee producing world. Every drink we brew takes a substantial amount of manual labor on their part. Dawn & Dusk Co. is the recognition of great efforts on both parts to create quality food and drink.

About Our Owners

Miles & Amanda Chapman, Co-Founders & Owners of Dawn & Dusk Coffee Co., originally met in Northern Virginia, where the two self-professed coffee lovers crossed paths in a bit of a serendipitous overlap of one of Miles’ active duty assignments and Amanda’s graduate school chapter. After marrying in Monterey, CA in 2009, they moved to South Africa, taking as many opportunities as they could to work & travel the surrounding continent.

Having grown up in northern Minnesota on a small grains farm, Miles’ association with coffee developed from hard work on the family farm.  Frigid winters often meant accompanying his father to meetups at the local “coffee klatch” — usually held informally at a fast food restaurant where a handful of farmers from the community guaranteed heckling, town gossip, and endless complaints about the weather.

Amanda’s connection to coffee was born from family tradition as well. When her Sicilian & German grandparents immigrated to the United States, they brought with them their love of coffee, and settled in Tampa, FL, with plenty of influence from the Cuban food & coffee culture in the area.  Growing up, the love and affectionate need for black coffee fueled every family gathering.  It wasn’t until she was ten that she realized people “changed the recipe” by adding milk and sugar.  Later, during college Amanda worked for a specialty coffee roaster and began pursuing study abroad opportunities in East Africa, which allowed her to see coffee growers first hand & better understand their economic realities.

Amanda & Miles live in Alexandria with their three children. They work daily to support and further the mission of Dawn & Dusk and also have built an incredible team that supports logistics & weekly operations. Please see more about the whole team (coming soon) on the About our Team page.