Ceremonial Matcha


This tea will leave an alluring sweetness in your mouth.  The taste is complex, rich and aromatic. 



What exactly is ceremonial-grade matcha?  Matcha can be prepared in two ways:  as a thin tea (called “usucha” in Japan) or thick tea (known as “koicha”).  Everyday matcha is made in the thin-tea style, but  traditional Japanese tea ceremonies use the thick tea, koicha.  Ceremonial-grade matcha is distinguished from other types of matcha in that only the highest quality is selected for  koicha, or thick-tea preparation. This tea offers a much more velvety, rich  experience in comparison to culinary-grade matcha.

The health benefits of matcha are well documented.  The high chlorophyll count in matcha results in an alkalizing / anti-inflammatory effect on the body.  There is approximately 137 times the polyphenol ECCG in matcha compared to traditional green tea.  This polyphenol has been found to boost metabolism, halt the growth of cancer cells, reduce high blood pressure, and prevent heart disease.  Matcha has approximately the caffeine count of one shot of espresso, but unlike coffee, contains an amino acid called l-theanine, which helps your body absorb the caffeine more slowly.  This can help quell the crash that can follow a hike in energy as experienced with coffee.  All in all, matcha is a more subtle caffeine alternative to coffee, and has compelling health benefits.

Brewing Suggestions: We recommend using spring or filtered water. Heat to 165F/75C. Use 1/2 tsp for 8 oz of water. Whisk and enjoy.

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