Tumeric Chai Latte – By the Cup


Rooibos chai, turmeric, almond and oat milk blend, sweetened with plant based sweeteners.



Turmeric Chai Latte is one of our most popular-and versatile offerings.  Dairy free & processed sugar free, it tastes like the holidays in a cup, without the guilt.  This is delightful cold, warmed up, added to black nitro for a dirty chai, or steamed up and added to espresso for a dirty chai latte.  The mission of the drink goes beyond the calming warming spices. The antioxidant-laden Rooibos tea boosts the immune system, and already has natural anti-inflammatory properties.  Together with the organic turmeric, it has a powerful alkalizing effect on the body.  It has a blend of oat milk and almond milk and is sweetened with plant-based sweeteners.

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